Do You Have Recovery Disks?

Most buyers of new computers are unaware that they are supplied WITHOUT Windows Recovery Disks.

The implication is that if your computer needs reinstalling, in the event of Hard Disk crash or serious infection, we may not be able to rebuild your workstations quickly and easily . Also, if your computer is supplied with Windows 7 installed but with a Windows 8 License, we will not have a License key to use to reinstall the Windows 7. This can be a Major problem.

What do you need to do?

All computers that are supplied without Recovery Disks will have a “Create Recovery Disks” option somewhere in the Menu – it is just a case of locating this program, getting hold of a few blank DVDs and a spare 30 minutes to create the Recovery Disks. This could save you Hours and Hours in the future and even the cost of ordering Recovery Media from the Manufacturers, which could not only cost £50-£75 but potentially add days to the repair time of your PC.

This is definitely a case of “a stitch in time saves nine”, as a short time spent creating the DVDs now can save hours and ££££s in the future.